Experienced Financial Executives


Waterfront Financial Services is a boutique management consulting and financial advisory  firm providing services tailored to small and mid-sized organizations. 

Our mission is to provide our client’s with sound, valued-added financial advice which helps them succeed. Our vision is to be the business partner of choice to entrepreneurs, CEOs and management teams in optimizing performance and creating value.

We work closely with our clients in identifying opportunities to
optimize performance, drive organizational growth and create
sustainable value.

Elizabeth A. Collyer, CPA, CMA CEO & Founder

Elizabeth A. Collyer, CPA, CMA

Elizabeth is an accomplished financial executive with extensive cross functional experience.  She is known for her ability to reduce complex issues to fundamentals and has demonstrated experience and ingenuity as a problem solver with an innate ability to establish vision, build strategic partnerships, create value, and drive organizational growth and transformation.

Elizabeth has 25 years’ experience working in financial roles in private and public organizations in both Canada and the United States.