Experienced Financial Executives


We offer our clients a wide range of financial services, from basic accounting services to senior level CFO support.  As a financial partner, we work with our clients identifying the right level of service which meets their needs and offers them the peace of mind to focus on running their business.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”- Warren Buffet

Accounting Services

We provide various levels of accounting services, from full cycle accounting (bookkeeping) to the complete outsourcing of our client’s accounting function.  Our full cycle accounting services include accounts payable and accounts receivable management, customer invoicing, account reconciliation, payroll,  sales tax returns, month-end close and internal financial reporting.

Financial Reporting 

It is extremely critical that entrepreneurs, CEO’s and management teams review and understand their organization’s financial statements and operational reporting.  Financial statements and operational reports provide valuable information for decision making, providing insight when a business is on track or when corrective action is necessary. We work with our clients on a regular basis to review and develop financial reporting to ensure they clearly understand the financial information presented and the driving factors underlying performance.

Financial Analysis & Modelling

Understanding the financial health of an organization and the financial impact of business opportunities is vital to sound business decisions.  We provide our clients with in depth financial analysis, tools and guidance in making strategic financial decisions, whether in the form of due diligence for merger, acquisition or joint venture opportunities, evaluating product or service line profitability, identifying opportunities for cost savings or revenue growth, or evaluating new business models and determining capital requirements.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Organizations that do not have the systems in place to effectively manage cash flow risk limiting growth or worse yet, failing.  We work with our clients in developing cash flow forecasts, understanding opportunities and needs, as well as implementing key metrics and cash management policies and practices.

Financial Planning & Analysis

A keen understanding of how a business, product or service line is likely to perform in the future is as important as understanding historical performance.  We work with our clients in developing budgeting and analytical tools focused on long-term growth, cash flow and value creation.

Other Services

Business Integration, Risk Management, Governance & Internal Controls, Company Set-up, and Training.

We also assist our clients as they navigate transactions and arrangements with banking, lending and insurance service providers, investors, stakeholders, legal advisors, auditors and government authorities.