Experienced Financial Executives


W e work with our clients at all stages of the strategic process, helping organizations position for competitive advantage and ultimately, create value.

“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about
deliberately choosing to be different.” – Michael Porter

Business Models

A business model is the blueprint for an organization’s unique ability, their value proposition.  We support our clients as they confirm their vision, from initial search for a profitable model, to assessing the viability of established business models.

Business Plans

Peaking the interest of investors or stakeholders for a new venture, product or service requires credible financial projections and a clearly articulated vision – a business plan.  We assist our clients in the development and review of business plans which thoroughly and openly address people, opportunity, and context.

Strategic Planning

The strategic plan is a living document, a dynamic and flexible roadmap which can focus on the entire business or specific areas of the business.  We facilitate the process of developing strategic plans for our clients which include the organization’s vision, mission statement, goals, and objectives and identify the tasks, milestones and steps used to drive the business forward.

Other Services

Visioning Seminars and Investor Presentation Coaching.